You can add text effects to your JANDI messages.

In JANDI, you can use effects such as bold, italic, strikethrough, and code block. The code block is useful for developers to share codes. To add a line break, press Shift + Enter.

Select the [T] icon on the bottom of your message box to see the text effects list. Please refer to the examples shown on the list.

<Adding Effects to Message>

You can add four types of text effects: bold, italic, bold and italic, and strikethrough.

  • Bold : Surround your text with two asterisks: **text**

  • Italic : Surround your text with one asterisk: *italic*

  • Bold and Italic : Surround your text with three asterisks Surround your text with three asterisks: ***text*** (One asterisk is for italic, and the other two is for bold)

  • Strikethrough: Surround your text with two tildes: ~~text~~

  • Codeblock: Enter three backtick symbols (```) and add a line break (Shift + Enter or Enter depending on your setting). Then enter the code you wish to share.

<Adding a link to a message>

  • Once you add a link to the message, anyone that clicks on the message will be able to go to the link.

  • First, surround your message with square brackets: [message]. Then surround your link with round brackets: (jandi.com). The complete text should look like this: [click this message](jandi.com)

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