The Free version provides 5GB storage for each team, and you can only access data that have been shared during the past year.
Service will be limited if storage exceeds 5GB in Free Plan.

For frequently asked questions, please refer to Q&A section.

(Q) File won't upload
(A) If storage exceeds 5GB in Free Plan, additional file uploads will be limited.
For more storage, please upgrade to Paid Plans (Premium / Enterprise) or delete unnecessary files and clear up your storage.
*Examples for Paid Plans : If 10 members in the Team sign up for Premium Plan, Team gets 10 X 10GB = 100GB of storage.

(Q) How can I delete my files? Can I delete multiple at once?
(A) File has to be deleted individually. Team Admin or the member who uploaded the file can delete them. For file deletion, click on [...] See More - [Delete] next to the file.
Deleting multiple files at once is not supported due to a matter of policy. In JANDI, a file can be shared to multiple Topics or Chats.
So if a file that is shared on multiple chatrooms is deleted, it will be deleted on all of them, causing inconvenience in business.
If the Topic is deleted, all the shared messages will be deleted, but the uploaded files will remain in JANDI as well as in storage. Please make sure to 'delete original files' and then delete the Topic.

(Q) I deleted the file, but the uploads still don't work.
(A) Once file is deleted, it takes about 24 hours to affect Team usage state. When free storage is exceeded and the service is limited, please understand that it will take another 24 hours to update storage and their service to work properly.
If you use Google Drive / Dropbox and upload files on JANDI, you can share your files without taking up any additional storage.
*Upload Google Drive/Dropbox files on JANDI

(Q) I can't see previous messages
(A) You can only view data within the last year in the Free plan. Data includes all JANDI Topics, messages, and comments. When you click the message older than a year in the search result, JANDI will not move you to the Topic where the message was exchanged. You can still send additional messages. Upgrade to a paid plan to view and search all past data.

(Q) How do I check Free/Paid Version of JANDI Team and Message/File Storages?
(A) Team Owner or Admin can access them. On [PC/Web], on the top right corner, click on [≡]-[Admin Menu]-[Team Usage]. On the mobile JANDI app, select the [More] tab on the bottom. [Admin Menu].

(Q) How do I pay for paid plans?
(A) For payment methods, card registration and account transfer are all available.
*See payment methods
Payment will be taken not right after card registration, but on the first week of the following month.
*For example, if you register your card on March 15th, JANDI department will go through verification process sometime during April 1st~5th, and complete billing in 5 days.

For inquiries regarding billing, please contact us at

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