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How are member and associate different?
How are member and associate different?
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Members in JANDI can be divided into two big groups: Members and Associates.

Members (Including the Team Owner and Team Admin)

  • All members can access the public Topic and its contents. Members also have ownership of their contents, such as messages or files.

  • All members can be assigned as the Team Owner or the Team Admin. (See more on Team Admin and Owner Authorities)

  • Members can view other members’ profiles.


  • Associates are only able to access the Topics they are invited to. This means that they can only access the contents in the Topics they are participating in. Once they are in the Topic, they are free to view all the past messages and files.

  • Associates can only be invited up to five topics. (1:1 or Group Chats do not apply)

  • Associates can only have conversations in the Topic they are invited to; they cannot begin a chat with another member or an associate. If there is a need for a chat, the Member must initiate the conversation to create the chat room.

  • Since Associates can only access invited Topics/Chats, you can invite guests from other partner groups, Interns, or part-time employees to the chat to share necessary data.

  • Associates do not have access to the files shared in JANDI Drive.

  • Associates have ownership of all the contents they have uploaded. This means that they can delete their messages and files anytime.

  • Associates cannot begin a video chat. (However, they can join a video chat created by another Member)

  • On the Org Chart, Associates can only view the members in the Topics they are participating in. This means that they have restrictions on viewing the Org Chart.

*Please keep in mind that an Associate status can be changed to Member status, but a Member status cannot be changed to Associate status.

To change Members to Associates, the Team admin must dismiss them from the team and re-invite them as an associate. (How to Dismiss a Member / How to Invite a member)

<Associates Invitation Policy by Plans>



Q: We have 15 Members in our team. Our team is using the Premium plan. How many Associates can we invite for free?

A: The Premium plan allows you to invite ten more Associates in addition to the number of Members in your team for free. Therefore, the math goes as follows:

15 Members + 10 = 25. You can invite a maximum of 25 Associates to your team for free.

Q: I am using a Free plan. We have 40 Members on our team. How many Associates can I invite?

A: The Free plan allows you to invite up to 10 Associates, no matter how many Members you have in your team. If you wish to invite more than 10 Associates, please consider upgrading your plan.

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