Set up your desktop notifications for JANDI so that you don’t miss any important task! You can also select the notification sound.

1. On your PC or Web JANDI, go to the upper right corner and select the menu [≡] icon. Then click [Notifications].


2. Turn the setting on for [Desktop Notifications].

  • You can choose among nine different type of notification sounds.

  • You can select different notification sounds for Topic messages, group chat messages, mentions, and direct messages.

3. Click [Send me a test message] to see if your notification is working properly.

4. If you wish to receive notifications for messages that are more urgent, select the check box for [Receive 1:1 chats or @ mentions only].


1. Go to the menu [≡] icon on the lower right corner and select [Notifications]

2. Turn on your notifications and choose the notification schedule, sound, and preview message contents settings. If you want different notification settings for each Topic, go to the Topic Info of each topic and turn your notifications on or off.

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