Don’t worry if the number of members in your Team has changed after you have already upgraded to a paid plan.

JANDI team will check the number of Members (excluding Associates) in your Team on the first of every month before billing.

If the number of members have increased than the initial contract, extra charges will be applied per person.

However, the extra charges will be based on monthly fees, not annual subscription fees. So if there is a high possibility that the number of members in your team will increase, we recommend that you sign a contract with a sufficient number of people when applying for the annual subscription.

If the number of members in your Team have decreased than the initial contract, JANDI Team will give you a refund in credits based on the number of members that have left your Team. To see how much credit you have, go to [Admin Menu] - [Payment Information].

Your credit can be used for contract renewal or to pay for extra members.

For more information on payment, please contact us at

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