Team Owner and Admin Authorities

Team Owner and Admin Authorities

 Team Admin has the same authority as other Members, but they have rights to access
[Team Settings] and [Contents Settings].
Team Owner has the same authority as Admin, but Owners can access
[Transfer Owner Rights] and [Delete Team].

<Team Management - Admin Menu>

  • Team Usage state
    • File Storage
    • Total sent messages
    • Number of Integrations
    • Update time for Team Storage
  • Manage Members
    • Membership Settings
      • Transfer Owner Rights is accessible for Owner only.
      • Assign / revoke Team Admin
      • Assign Associate to Member (Member to Associate is not available)
      • Block/Unblock Member from the Team
      • Withdraw Member from the Team
    • Turn on Notifications in JANDI chat for Admin when a member is invited/blocked.
  • Manage Team
    • Team invitation restrictions
    • JANDI connect settings authorities restrictions
    • Change Team Name
    • Team Deletion is available for Owner only.
  • Check file download History (Only available on Enterprise plan)
  • Add-on Settings
    • Read Receipt
    • Organization Management (Org Chart) 

<Contents Settings>

  • Team Admin can delete files/messages other members have sent.
    • Admin can manage contents in accessible Topics and Chats only.
    • Owner/Admin cannot search/access uninvited, closed Topic or Chats


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