Team Owner and Admin Authorities

Team Owner and Admin Authorities

The Team Admin has the same authority as other members, but they have the right to access
[Team Settings] and [Contents Settings].


<How to access the Admin Menu>

  • Select the [≡] icon on the upper right corner of your PC or Web JANDI
  • On your mobile, select the [Org Chart] tab on the bottom and tap on the wheel icon on the upper right corner


<Team Management and Admin Menu>

  • Dashboard and Team Usage 
    • File Storage 
    • Number of sent messages
    • Number of JANDI Connect
    • Last updated timestamp 


  • Managing members 
    • Changing membership status  
      • The team owner can only transfer the team ownership. 
      • Assign a Member as the Team Admin or vice versa 
      • Switch an Associate to a Member (You cannot switch a Member to an Associate)
      • Block or unblock a member
      • Dismiss a member from the team 
    • When a member is invited or blocked from the team, the Team Admin will receive a notification on their JANDI chat. 


  • Managing teams 
    • The following features can be restricted if needed: 
    • inviting members to the team
    • JANDI Connect settings  
    • Change the team icon (Only available in the Enterprise Plan)
    • Change the team name
    • Change the team domain
    • Only the team owner has the authority to delete the team.



  • Security Settings
    • Restriction on mobile downloads 
    • Leave watermarks on documents 



<Managing Contents> 

  • The Team Admin can delete files and messages uploaded by other members of the team. 
    • The Team Admin can only manage contents in the Topic or Chat room that he or she can access.  
    • The team owner or the admin cannot search or view contents in uninvited private topics or chats.  



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