How are Member and Associate different?

How are Member and Associate different?

 Member(Including Owner and Admin)
-Members can freely access open Topics and contents and have ownership rights to contents they have written.
-All Members can be Owner or Admin. (See more authorities of Owner / Admin)
-Members can check other members' profile information.

-Associates can only access to invited Topic and shared contents. They can check previous materials in the Invited Topic.
-Associates can participate in up to 5 invited Topics (1:1 chat not included)
-Associates can participate in Invited Chats only. They cannot start Chats. If a conversation is needed, one of the Members has to send a message to the Associate so the Chatroom can be created.
-Since the Associates can be accessed to invited Topics/Chats only,
you can invite personnel from other partner groups, Interns or part-timers to the chat and share necessary materials and cooperate efficiently.
-Associates have ownership rights to their own contents as well. They can delete messages/files they have written.


<Associates Invitation Policy by Plans>



Q1: We have 15 Members as a team and we are using Premium plan. How many Associates can we invite for free?
A1: 15 Members + 10 = 25. You can invite maximum of 25 Associates to your Team for free.

Q2: I am using Free plan. We have 40 Members in our Team, so how many Associates can I invite?
A2: You can invite 10 Associates for free. If you wish to invite more than 10 Associates, please consider upgrading your plan.


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