Change JANDI Membership Status

Change JANDI Membership Status

If you wish to assign other member as Admin or transfer Owner Rights, or block/withdraw
member from the Team, Admin should access [Admin Menu] and do as follows : 

1. On PC/Web version of JANDI, click on [≡]-[Admin Menu] on the top right corner.


2. On [Manage Members], find a member you wish to alter and put a checkmark [v] next
to the members' name. Later a [Member Settings] button will be shown on top of the Members List.


3. Click on [Manage Members] and select membership settings options.


  • Membership Settings
    • Transfer Team Owner RIghts is accessible by the Owner only.
    • Assign/revoke Team Admin
    • Assign Associate to Member (Member to Associate is not available)
    • Block/Unblock Member from the Team
      • Blocked members' messages and files will still be shown, but blocked member
        cannot access the Team from then.
      • Unblocked member can access the Team and all conversations.
    • Withdraw member from the team

*On Mobile, go to [Org Chart] and tap on the wheel button on top. Then you can access Admin Menu through [Manage Members].


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