Receiving RSS notifications through JANDI Connect

Receiving RSS notifications through JANDI Connect

You can receive RSS notifications in your JANDI topic easily by using JANDI Connect.

Feel free to connect your favorite blogs or news websites, and automatically receive new posts and articles of your choice. You can use this feature to receive news articles that contain a certain keyword as well.

1. Click on the [JANDI Connect] icon on the upper right corner of your JANDI screen and select.


 2. Select [RSS feed].

3. Enter the RSS address (URL). You can find this by going to the blog or news website of your choice and finding the RSS logo. Just copy and paste the URL. Here are some examples



4. Select the topic you want to receive your RSS notifications. Or simply create a new topic. 


5. Customize your RSS profile so you can distinguish multiple RSS integrations later on. 


6. Click [Save Integration] and Ta-dah! You're done! rss_7.png


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