JANDI on my Chat list

JANDI on my Chat list


Have you ever wondered who JANDI is on the Chats list?
JANDI chat is a chat partner only you can conversate with.

Every members including Team Admin cannot view this JANDI chat except you, so you can use it as your own memo space. As you can see from the image below, you can save necessary files or messages in this chatroom and you can access them back again anytime later.

If you participate in a Team for the first time, JANDI chat will send you basic JANDI tutorial videos.


If you are a Team Admin, JANDI chat will also let you know if a member is invited/blocked in the Team.

* JANDI chat is an individual private chatroom, therefore, if you have any questions or inquiries for JANDI Team, please contact us by [Live Support] service.


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