All about JANDI Membership Status

All about JANDI Membership Status

You can assign 4 types of memberships to members in JANDI.

  • Owner
  • Admin
    (Setting multiple Admins is available on Paid Plans only.)
  • Member
  • Associate

Each membership has the following authorities:

1. Owner
Owner-rights are given to one who created the Team from the beginning.
Owner is given the same authority as Admin.
Only Owner has the right to delete the Team along with Admin.

2. Admin
Admin has an access to Team Storage Usage, member management and Team settings.
If you are using Paid Plans, you can set multiple Admins at [Admin Settings].

3. Member
Members can freely enter Topics and Chats and check conversations & files.
Also members can check profile information of other members in the Team.

4. Associate
Associate can check conversations, files and other members' profile info
in the invited Topics and chats only.
If an Associate wishes to participate more, Admins can change Associate's rank to Member.
(Member to Associate is not available)
*See more differences between Members and Associates


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