Posting Announcements

Posting Announcements

If all participants in the Topic need to read a certain message, please set it to ‘Announcements’ so it can be pinned on top of the Topic.


1. Place a mouse pointer on top of the message you would like to set as announcement.
2. Menu will appear, then click […]-[Announce].
- Normal text messages can be set as Announcements. Files and Comments cannot. Only one announcement can be set per Topic.

3. Guide message that says announcement has been put up will appear, and the announcement will be displayed on top of the chatroom.

You can manage the announcement display with Hide/Delete/Fold.

Although an announcement has been put up in the Topic, any participants can write and set a new announcement. Unlike any different services, in JANDI, if an announcement is deleted, all members will not be able to see it anymore. Original message will still remain when you delete the announcement.


1. Long tap on the message, and when the menu appears, tap [Announce].


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