Topic Announcements

Topic Announcements

If you want to fix your announcement message on the top of the Topic for everyone to see, refer to the following.


  1. Hover your mouse over the message that you want to set as an announcement. 
  2. You will see the [...] icon to the right side of the message. Click the [...] icon and select [Announce]
  • Please keep in mind that only text messages can be set as the announcement. Files and comments cannot be set as the announcement. 
  • Only one message can be fixed as the Topic announcement. 


  1. Once the message has been announced, you will see the message fixed on the top of the Topic for everyone to see. 
  • Manage your announcements by using the hide/fold/delete features. 
  • Although there is already an announcement for the Topic, anyone else in the topic can choose a different message to announce.
    • Unlike other apps that will only delete the announcement for your view only, once you delete JANDI’s announcement, the announcement will not appear for everyone. 
    • When you delete the announcement, the original message will remain in the Topic. 



  2. Touch and hold the message you wish to announce, and select [Announce] 


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