Joining and Browsing Topics

Joining and Browsing Topics

You can search Topics according to specific projects, departments, or subjects. Just select any Topic you need to join.

<PC / Web>

  1. On the Topic list located on the left of your JANDI screen, select the (+) icon on the top of the list and then select [Browse other public topics]. 
  • Once the ‘Browse Topics’ window pops up, search, and select the Topic you want to join.
  • Please remember that only Public Topics will show up on the list. Private Topics will not appear

1. Tap (+) button located on the left side of the Topic List and select [Browse other public topics].
On the Browse Topics tab, search for the necessary Topics you would like to join.


Go to the Topic tab on the bottom of your mobile JANDI, select the (+) icon and tap the [Browse other public topics] button. 


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