What is Default Topic?

What is Default Topic?

A Default Topic is where all members will be automatically joined once they are invited to the Team.

If you create a Team, 4 default Topics will be created.
If a new member joins the team, the member will be automatically invited to all four of these Topics.


‘Announcements’ is one of the default topics here. ‘Default Topic’ label is attached under the Topic Name.
* Associates cannot join the Default Topics.

<Directions for ‘Announcements’ Topic>

A member cannot leave the ‘Announcements’ topic, and the Topic Admin cannot delete it.
Therefore if you would like to use the topic where all members are invited for different purposes,
try renaming the ‘Announcements’ topic to something else.

ex) Company A, Bulletin Board

If you want to edit the information for the topic, go to the top right corner and click [v]-[Edit Info].



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