What are Default Topics?

What are Default Topics?

*A default topic is a topic where all Members in the Team join automatically.

  • If you create a Team, there will be 4 default topics in your team. 
  • Once a new Member joins the team, the Member will automatically join these 4 default topics. 
  • For example, ‘Announcements’ is one of the default topics.


  • If you enter one of the default topics, you will see the ‘default topic’ label under the topic name. 
  • Keep in mind that Associates are unable to join the default topics. 

<How to use the Announcements Topic>

  • Among the 4 default topics, the ‘Announcements’ Topic is the only default Topic that is  unable to be deleted even by the Team Admin. Also, Members are not able to leave the ‘Announcements’ topic. 
  • Therefore if you need a topic with all Members in the team, use the ‘Announcements’ topic. Feel free to change the name of the Topic to your needs. Example) Company A, Board 
  • To edit the Topic, enter the Topic and click on the [v] icon on the upper right corner of the Topic. Then select [Edit Info].



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