Creating a Team

Creating a Team

Team is an organization / group that members will be assigned to in JANDI.

<PC / Web>
1. On the main page of JANDI, go to [Team List] page and click [+ create a team] button.
To go to Team List page, click on [≡]-[Account Home] located on top right corner of JANDI.

2. Set the name of the Team and Team Domain.
Team Domain is the web address of your JANDI Team on the internet.
You can directly access your team on the internet by typing in ‘[Team Domain]’ on the address bar.

3. When the Team is created, 4 basic Topics including ‘Announcements’ will be automatically created. All members will be invited automatically to join default Topic.

1. Click on [≡] located on top of the screen, and tap [Create a Team] button on the menu panel.
2. Choose a name for your Team and Team Domain.


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