Creating a Team

Creating a Team

A JANDI Team is an organization or group in which members will be invited to. 

 <PC / Web> 

1. On the main page of JANDI, you will see the team list. Select [+create a team] to create a new team. 

  • Once you are already in a team, click on the [] icon on the upper right corner and select [Go to account home] to go to your team list. 


2. Select your team name and team domain. 

  • The team domain is the web address of your JANDI team. 
  • Type in the [team domain] on your internet browser to access your JANDI team on the web. 

3. Once you have created the team, there will be 4 default topics including the ‘Announcement’ Topic.

  • Keep in mind that all the members of your team will automatically join all the default Topics. 


< Mobile > 

  1. Select the [] icon on the top of your mobile screen, and select [Create a team].
  2. Choose your Team Name and Team domain. 



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