Using JANDI on a web browser

Using JANDI on a web browser

*You can use JANDI on your web browser.

  • Go to and log in to JANDI.
  • Your Team domain is the web address (URL) for your JANDI team.
    • Type in team’ on the web address bar to directly access a specific JANDI Team. 
    • Your team domain does not have to match your Team name and can be composed of alphabet, numbers, and dash (-). Just make sure it’s easy to remember. 
    • The Team Admin can change the Team domain in the Admin Menu


<How to Find Your Team Domain>

Simply check your web address bar. The Team domain will appear on the top of your PC JANDI app as well. 


We recommend that you use Microsoft Edge browser or the Chrome browser. You can use JANDI in the most optimized condition on the latest Chrome browser. 


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