Creating a Topic

Creating a Topic

All members can freely create a Topic. Create various Topics upon different circumstances.

*Associates cannot create a Topic.

<PC / Web>

1. On top of the Topic List on the left, click on (+) and select [Create a new topic].

2. Enter Topic information.

  • Name
  • View Method
  • Type
    • Public Topic is a chatroom where all members can freely access and participate.
    • Private Topic is a chatroom where only specifically invited members can view and participate.
    • Privacy Settings cannot be edited after creating the Topic.
  • Description

  • Select a folder
  • Auto Member Invitation
    • If you set up Auto Member Invitation, all new members joining the Team will be automatically invited to this Topic.


1. On the Topic tab, click (+) button and select [Create a new Topic] menu.
2. Enter Topic information.


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