Limiting invitation (expired invitation link issues)

Limiting invitation (expired invitation link issues)

*Any Member of a JANDI team can invite people using their email address or an invitation link. 
If you are the Team Admin, you can allow or restrict Members from inviting new members. 

<How to allow invitations or reset the invitation link>

  1. Go to your PC or Web JANDI and select the [≡] icon on the upper right corner. Go to [Admin Menu] and click the [Manage Team] tab. 
  2. In the [Manage Team] tab, under [Allow Invitation], select [Enabled for All Members].
  • This way, any Member of the team can invite other people through the email addresses or the invitation link. 



  1. When you select the [Reset] button for [Team Invitation Link], a new invitation link will be generated. 
  • If you want to cancel your invitation link or are concerned about security, please reset the invitation link. 
  • Resetting the invitation link will expire previous invitation links. 
  • If you are experiencing issues with expired invitation links, please ask the member to send you a new invitation email or link.


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