Mobile push notifications

Mobile push notifications

If you are using JANDI in PC/Web, you may not receive notifications on Mobile.

For more pleasant work experience, we do not send mobile notifications to users using JANDI on PC/Web. However, if the users have not used JANDI for 1-2 minutes on PC/Web, they will receive mobile notifications again.

Please turn Push Notifications on Mobile Menu. IMG_8789_2.PNG

*Device Setting 

  • Android : App Manager > JANDI > Receive Notifications
  • iOS : Device Settings > Notification Settings > Receive Notifications
  • For details, please check out JANDI App Notification Help.

*If you are not receiving mobile notifications while you are not using JANDI on PC/Web, for android, please check [Notification Server Connection] is permitted on the app.

*Also, for android devices, there are cases where JANDI is marked as ‘Targeted for Sleep’ by some security/data clearing app, which blocks JANDI from sending notifications properly. Go to [Settings]-[Device Maintenance]-[Battery]-[Unmonitored Apps]-[Add App]-[JANDI] and check if you are receiving notifications.

If the notification problem keeps on going, please contact as by Live Support.


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    Falcon Vader

    2018.07.20 Android device won't send notification after quit JANDI, but iOS works fine. There are lots of message complain about this.

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