Creating Folders for Topics

Creating Folders for Topics

If you are participating in multiple topics, create folders to organize your topics and improve your work environment. 

* Please keep in mind that topic folders settings are applied individually, and any changes you make will appear in your PC, Web, and Mobile JANDI. 



1. Select the [Create Folder] button on the top of your Topic list.
2. Type in the name of the new folder, and drag and drop the Topics into your new folder.
3. To edit the folder name or delete the folder, select the [...] icon located to the right side of the folder.

Even if you delete the folder, your Topics will remain the same.


1. In the Topic tab, select the (+) icon and select [Create a folder]. 
2. After creating a new folder, you can freely change the order or the name of the folder.
3. Or, you can touch and hold the topic name on your android device (or swipe the topic name to the left on your iPhone) to enter [manage folders] menu to move the topic to a folder. 


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