Understanding Topic Foldering

Understanding Topic Foldering

If you are participating in multiple topics, create a ‘Topic Folder’ and neatly organize your work environment.
*Topic Folder is an individual setting and it will be applied to PC/Web and Mobile in real time.



1. On the top of Topic List, click [Create Folder] button.
2. Enter the name of the folder and drag the Topics into the folder.
3. Next to the name of the folder, click […] button, then you can rename or delete the folder.

If you delete the folder, it will not affect the Topics. Your state of participation will be remained the same.


1. On the Topics tab, tap (+) button and select [Create a Folder] menu.
2. After creating a new folder, rename or reorder the folder.
3. If you long tap the name of the Topic, you can navigate to [Move to a Folder] menu.


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