Turn on Web notifications

Turn on Web notifications

If you turn off Web notifications from your browser settings, JANDI can't send you notifications.

Please turn on Web notifications in the browser settings to receive notifications from your Team.

Here's what you have to do.


1. In the upper right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu
2. Click Settings > Show advanced settings.
3. In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
4. Find Notifications and click Manage exceptions
5. Use the drop-down menu to allow notifications for your Team domain.


1. Go to the Team you wish to receive notifications.
2. Click the Lock icon in the search bar.
3. Go to the Permission tab and find the "block" tab. Set it to "Show notifications" 

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer(IE) doesn't support the desktop notifications feature. Please install JANDI PC app if you want to receive desktop notifications for IE.

Turn on your Web Notifications and check new messages more easily!


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