Setting up notifications and sounds

Setting up notifications and sounds

Don’t miss any important messages by setting up desktop notifications for JANDI message. You can also set up the notification sounds.


1. Go to the menu bar on the right and click [≡]-[Notifications].

2. Set the Desktop Notification to ON.

There are 9 different kinds of notification sounds.
You can set different sounds for Topic messages, Group chat messages, @mentions or 1:1 Chat.


3. You can check if the notification sound works by clicking [Send me a test message].

4. If you want to receive directed messages only, you can check [Receive 1:1 messages and @mentions only] box.

1. On the top left corner, click [≡]-[Notifications].
2. Set the [Notifications] to ON and set up notification details. For Topic notifications, please go to the Topic Info page and set them up separately.


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