Understanding JUMP

Understanding JUMP

Jump is a feature that allows you to move to other topics/chats or see new messages all together at once with just a few keystrokes.

If you click [Jump] button on the top left, or press Ctrl + J (Mac : Cmd + J), Jump window will appear.jump.png

If you enter a search keyword, you can search Topics or Chats containing the search keyword and move to the room very quickly. If you use up & down arrow keys on the keyboard while pressing Ctrl(Cmd), you can move through displayed Topics promptly.

<Rooms that will be displayed on the default JUMP>

  • Rooms ordered by new messages or 3 recently visited chats will be displayed first.

<Rooms that will appear when you type in a search keyword>

  • Rooms with other members that contain the keyword
  • Topics that you are currently participating in that contains the keyword
  • Available Topics you can join that contains the keyword
  • If there are no search results, you can create a new Topic with the keyword directly.


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