Unable to download files from JANDI

Unable to download files from JANDI

* If you did not set up a default browser for your PC, there is a possibility that you can't download files from JANDI.
<Setting up a default browser>
First click the Start Button in the lower left corner of your main Windows screen (or press the Start Key on your keyboard then type/search for default browser 

Next you will see an entry at the top of the Start Menu that says Choose a default web browser. Click that entry to continue.

That will open up the Settings>System>Default apps area with the Web browser option selected. In the resulting pop up menu just click on your preferred browser.

Once you have selected your preferred browser it will now show as the default. Just close the window and you are done.


From this point forward any clicks on web links in apps or programs will result in your browser of choice opening up.

Richard Hay. 2015. How to set your default browser in Windows 10 in just 5 steps. [ONLINE] Available at: http://winsupersite.com/windows-10/how-set-your-default-browser-windows-10-just-5-steps.


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