Understanding JANDI Connect

Understanding JANDI Connect

* JANDI Connect allows you to receive notifications and reminders from external apps and services.

  • You can see everything your team is working on — even in the tools and services you use outside of JANDI.
  • Currently, you can integrate JANDI with Google Calendar, RSS Feed, Trello, JIRA, GitHub, Bitbucket and Incoming/Outgoing Webhooks


<Using JANDI Connect> 

1. Click on [JANDI Connect] plug icon on the right menu bar or you can click on the [Plug] icon in the upper right hand corner of the chatrooms.

2. Select the service you want to integrate with JANDI.

<JANDI Connect Case Studies>

If you want more integrations, take our JANDI Connect Service Request  survey so we can provide what you need!


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