What is the difference between public and private files?

What is the difference between public and private files?

<Public File>
Public file is a file uploaded on an Public Topic.
If you are a member, you can search uploaded files on an Public Topic even though you are not currently participating in, through [All Rooms] filter option.

<Private File>
Private file is a file where members participating in a Private Topic or Chats only can view or search.

-How does the file become Private file?
: If a chatroom where the file is uploaded first is either a Private Topic or a Chat, it will be set to Private.

-What is the property of a Private File?
: Members who are not participating in the Private Topic/Chats where the file is uploaded cannot search or view this file.

-Does it ever change its settings to an Public File?
: If a Private File is shared to an Public Topic, it will be switched to an Public File which will allow all members to freely search and access it.

- once you share the file in a public topic, the file will become public. This change is irreversible meaning that any member of your team can search and access the file with the right keyword. 

If a Private File becomes an Public File, all members will be able to view every comments on the file. If a file is switched to an Public File, please keep in mind that it cannot be switched back to Private file again.

-Can Team Admin open a Private File?
: Even Team Admin cannot view a Private File if not participating in the certain Topic/Chats where the file is uploaded.


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