Creating a To-Do list

Creating a To-Do list

Feel free to create a to-do list or your Team’s to-do list to manage your collaboration. 

When you first create a To-do, JANDI will automatically send you a private to-do in JANDI on your chat list. If you want to assign members or set the to-do as a specific project, choose the chat room you wish to share the to-do and assign a member for that to-do


<Creating a Private To-do> 

1. When you click the to-do icon on your menu tab on the right side, your to-do list will appear. Click [Add a to-do] and type in your title to create a new to-do

  • You can also click the [...] more icon on a message or a file comment and add a to-do.


2. Click the to-do to type in description. Private to-do can be found in the JANDI on your chat list

  • When you first create the to-do, the chat room will be set to ‘JANDI’ and you will assign yourself to the to-do. 
  • Select the due dates, notifications, and description to manage your to-do more precisely.


<Sharing a To-do with a member and a Topic>

  1. Select a to-do you wish to share from the to-do list. You can always create a new to-do by selecting the [+add a new to-do] button and typing in the title, or click the [...] more icon next to a message or a file comment and add a new to-do.
  2. Choose the Topic where the person you wish to share your to-do is participating. Then choose the member name. 
  • You can set due dates, notification, and description to manage your to-do.



  1. Once the to-do is shared in the Topic, you can check updates on the to-do in that specific Topic only. 
  • You can only change from JANDI to a specific Topic once. 
  • Only the creator of the to-do and the assigned member can edit the to-do. 


<Managing My Team’s To-do>

1. Searching the to-do 

Select [see search options] to search for your team’s to-do. 
You can search for to-do titles, and set filters for chat room, assignee, and date.

2. Deleting the to-do 

If you need to delete a to-do, select the [...] icon and delete it. 

  • Your entire team can create up to 100 to-dos using a Free Plan.
  • Deleting a To-do is only possible in a paid plan, and you can create unlimited to-dos.



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