Editing or Deleting a To-do

Editing or Deleting a To-do

Your entire team can create up to 100 to-dos in a free plan. 
If you want to delete or add more to-dos, please upgrade to a paid plan. 

In a paid plan, you can create unlimited number of to-dos. 

  • Read more on exclusive features in paid plans 


<Deleting a To-do>

If you no longer need a to-do, select the more [...] icon on the upper right corner of your to-do detail page. 




<Editing a To-do>

Only the person who created the to-do and the assignee has the authority to edit a to-do. 
The creator and assignee of the to-do has the following authorities:

  • Edit the title
  • Change the assignee
  • Edit status, due date, notification, and description
  • Delete a to-do 

Please keep in mind that when you first create a private to-do (which is located in the JANDI bot on your chat list) you can only assign it to a Topic just once. 



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