Want to delete/edit your To-Do?

Want to delete/edit your To-Do?

You can increase your work productivity by adding an unlimited number of tasks to your to-do list as well as collaborative work assignments in the paid version.

A free team can only create up to 100 to-do tasks and does not offer the option to delete.

So if you want to delete unnecessary tasks or want to add more tasks, please proceed after you upgrade to the paid plan. You can create/delete unlimited tasks in a paid plan.

<Deleting Tasks>
Delete unnecessary tasks using the [...] menu button in the upper right corner of the screen.

<Editing your To-do list>
The right to modify a task is made by the person who created the task or by the person who received it: the assignee. The creator and the assignee have the following permission to modify the task.

  • Edit title
  • Change the Assignee
  • Edit status, due date, reminder notification and description. 
  • Delete task

On the other hand, please note that only the first person (who create a to-do) can select for the first time in 'JANDI private chat' a separate chat room to move the task to.


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