Generate Org Chart in JANDI

Generate Org Chart in JANDI

It's finally here!

Now you can generate Org Chart in JANDI in terms of personnel management.

  • Org Chart is available in two billing plans : Preminum and Enterprise.
  • Org Chart setting is only available on PC/Web.
  • Having trouble registering way too many members in your team? Department & Position enrollment features will be updated subsequently.

cf) If you wish to manage more than 100 members in your team all together, please contact


In PC/Web, tap on [≡], located on the top right corner of the JANDI chatroom, and click [Admin Menu] - [Add-on Settings].

  • Decide whether to use Org Chart using Organization Management on/off button.
  • If Org.Management is set to 'On', Admin and team members cannot make changes to the profile.

1. In [Org Chart Management] tab, you can create up to 4 sub departments.

  • Team Name will be registered automatically, and 1~4 sub departments can be organized freely.

2. In [Position Management] tab, you can create, edit or delete the positions.

  • Positions can be organized freely as well. Use the arrow button to re-order them.

3. In [Member Management] tab, register or manage profiles of the team members.

  • Search team members by their name/email/department/positions.

<If editing one selected member's information>

  • Click on the member's name, select department/positions and apply the changes.

<If editing multiple members' information>

  • Select the members you wish to edit using the checkbox and click 'Edit Selection' button.
  • Click the changes you wish to apply on department / position / authority and edit the selected members' information all together.

4. Org. Chart can be searched by departments and members.

  • To search Org. Charts, click on Org. Chart icon located on the top right corner of the JANDI chatroom (PC/Web).

We hope you all enjoy this new feature, and if you need any help, feel free to contact us at [Live Support] in JANDI app.

cf) If you wish to manage more than 100 members in your team altogether, please contact


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