Features you can enjoy in Paid JANDI Team

Features you can enjoy in Paid JANDI Team

JANDI offers two paid plans: Premium and Enterprise.

Unlike free JANDI team, paid plans present the following features:

1. Read Receipt feature
The feature counts how many people have read my message.
It offers a list of people who have read the message, allowing flexible workflow and checking work progress. (But, Associates cannot see message receipt list)

* 3 choices are available: -Unused / Check all messages / Check only my messages 


2. Video Chats (Enterprise only)
Click on (+) button next to the message bar and send [Video Chats] messages.
You can video call with up to 64 people on Mobile and PC.

It is useful when contacting members on a business trip or on the field.
Sharing screens and files is available as well.


3. Check File Download History (Enterprise Only)
If Team Admin needs to check the file downloads log, it is available on [Admin Menu].
You can search the file and see downloads/previews of certain files.

4. Add/Delete unlimited To-Do Lists
On paid plans, you can add or delete unlimited amounts of To-Do lists and
improve productivity at work.
Teams on the free plan can create only up to 100 to-do lists, with no option to delete them.


5. Build the Org Chart through Organization Management
Teams can create their own Organization chart and manage members.
Admin can access Organization Management and create Org Chart.
Admin can create sub-groups in the Team and freely create/edit/delete positions,
thereby managing members conveniently.


6. Make your own Board View Topic in the form of a bulletin board.
Board View Topic is a chat room where you can check postings in a fixed form.
You can choose the 'view topic' mode, such as the delivery of notices, electronic approvals, and requests for supplies.


7. Team Icon Setting (Enterprise plan only)
You can set a business logo as your team icon. It will be set as a default JANDI icon before setting up.


8. Mobile File Download Restrictions (Enterprise Plan Only)
Administrators can restrict file downloads from mobile applications. A file preview is available.


9. Document Watermarks (Enterprise Plan Only)
You can set the watermarks to be displayed in the document preview mode.
Watermarks can be chosen from either team name or direct input.



10. Set IP address access restrictions  (Enterprise plan only)
This new feature is meant to be a security function that can be used when you want to make the JANDI team accessible only to those with a specific IP address.


11. Delete 1:1 chatrooms (Enterprise plan only)
To enable deletion of 1:1 chats go to [Admin Menu] then [Team Management] and select [Allow 1:1 conversation deletion]


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