What is Board View Topic?

What is Board View Topic?

*Board View Topic is a chatroom where you can check pinned posts, and it is available on paid plans(Premium, Enterprise) only.

  • You can experience Board View Topic once the Admin of the paid-plan team allows the use of Board & Notifications. 

1. Click [≡]-[Admin Menu] on the top right corner of JANDI screen.
2. On [Add-On Settings], set [Board & Notifications] to ON.
3. Click (+)-[Create New Topic]. (Same as the original create-Topic method)
4. Set [View as] to Board View format and select privacy types (Opened/Closed).

  • [View as] & privacy settings cannot be changed once Topic is created.
  • The newest post will be pinned on top in Board View Topic.

You can check out extra features by clicking [See More].

  • In [Choose Folder], you can create or designate a folder for new Topics.
  • If you set [Auto-Invite Members] to ON, all members that are new on the Team will be automatically invited to this Topic.

5. Click [Write New Post] on the bottom right corner of JANDI.

  • Title and descriptions are required.
  • You can upload files with the post. (Up to 4)
  • You can attach files to comment sections


<Ex. Practical use of Board View Topic>

  • Topic where Admin posts Announcements is perfectly adequate for Board View Topic.
    (ex. Announcements Topic, Expense settlements Topic)
  • ‘Like’ button is available and you can check responses to the posts.
  • @all mentions are available for the posts so you can make announcements for everyone.
  • You can designate posts as [To-Do].
  • All designated posts can be checked on JANDI chats.



  • Notifications will be available once [Board & Notifications] is set to ON.
    You can receive updates and mention notifications in the Board.



1. On JANDI, tap on (+) button, and click [Create New Topic] - (+).
2. In [Create New Topic], check Board View for [View as], customize Name/Privacy Types/Auto-Invite Members, and click [Add]. New Board View Topic will be created afterwards.


*When set to Off, Board will be switched to Read-Only and Notifications will not be supported.



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