Edit Profile

Edit Profile

There are two kinds of profiles in JANDI : Basic profile and Team profile.

Basic Profile is a profile that will be shown on main screen of JANDI and team lists.

You can edit your basic profile by clicking [≡] on the right menu bar and click [Go to Account Home].

Team profile is useful when you want to use different profiles for different Teams.

You can make a good use of team profile to show different profiles to different Teams.

Click on your profile photo displayed in the Team like chats and member lists. Then you can edit your team profile. If you place your mouse pointer into each entries you will see a pencil icon that will allow you to edit your information. If you are Team Admin or the owner of the Team, you can edit other members’ profiles.

To edit your basic profile, click [≡] on the left and tap [JANDI Account settings].
For team profile, edit it by clicking the profile photo.

*If the Org Settings is turned ON, only Team Admin can edit other members’ profiles. If that is the case, please request the Team Admin for turning off the Org Settings for a moment, or ask to edit your profile.


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