Editing Your Profile

Editing Your Profile

There are two kinds of profiles in JANDI : Basic profile and Team profile.

Basic Profile is a profile that will be shown on main screen of JANDI and team lists.

There are two types of profile on JANDI: a basic profile and a team member profile. 


The basic profile is the one you see on JANDI account home. You will see above the Team list. 

  • To change this profile, go to the menu [≡] icon on the upper right corner of your JANDI screen, and select [Go to Account Home]. Then click [Edit Profile]. 



Your profile in Teams may vary for each team. 

  • Since you may be participting in multiple JANDI Teams, you can select different profiles for each group. 
  • Select the profile photo appearing in your chat room or the member list to edit your profile in the Team. 
  • For each item, hover your mouse and click the pencil icon to edit information. 
  • If you are the Team Owner or the Team Admin, you can edit profile of other members.



To edit your basic profile, go to the menu [≡] icon on the left, and select JANDI account settings].
To change your team profile, select the photo in the team. 

* If the organization management feature is set as on for your team, only the Team Admin can edit the team members’ profile information. If you wish to edit your profile, please ask your Team Admin to turn off the feature or tell the Team Admin the changes you wish to be made on your profile. 


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