Registering multiple emails to JANDI account

Registering multiple emails to JANDI account

JANDI accounts are sorted by emails and you can log in with your registered email.

Therefore, if you register your frequently used emails to your profile, you can use any of those emails to sign into JANDI and edit your profile.


1. Go to the right menu bar in JANDI Team, click [≡]-[Go to Account Home] and locate a [Edit profile] button to edit your profile.

2. On the [Manage Email Addresses] field, register/delete emails or update your primary email address.

It will be handy to register your company email or the one that you use frequently.
For newly registered emails, you have to verify the email addresses. You will receive an email from JANDI and you have to authenticate to complete the email registration process.

3. You can set different email addresses for your [Profile] for different Teams.


On Mobile, go to the top left and click [≡]-[JANDI Account Settings]-[Primary Email address] to manage your email addresses.


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