Create poll

Create poll

Use JANDI’s poll feature to put all the ideas together and decide on something great.

1. Click [Poll] icon located on the right menu in JANDI screen. 


Or you can do so by clicking (+) button in JANDI input box.


2. Set up title, list, closing time and shared chatrooms to create the poll. There are additional options available such as details, multi-selects and anonymous responses.

3. You can use additional features by clicking ‘See More’[…] in the poll.

  • Comment – Leave comments to add your thoughts
  • Close Poll – You can close the poll before closing time if it is already finished.
  • Bookmark – Bookmark important polls.
  • Delete – Delete polls if incorrectly created.


Once the poll is created, you cannot edit it. Please review carefully before registering the poll.


  1. Click (+) button in JANDI chat input box.
  2. Choose [poll] icon to create the poll. Set up title, list, closing time and shared chatrooms.


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