Creating polls

Creating polls

If you have to collect everyone’s opinions and make a decision, use the JANDI poll feature. 



  1. Go to the right sidebar of your JANDI screen, and select the [Polls] icon. 


Or choose the [Poll] under the message bow to create a poll in JANDI.



  1. Type in the Poll title, answer choices, deadline, and Topic to create the poll. Description, anonymous settings, and multiple answers are optional. 



  1. Click the [...] icon for additional features. 


  • Comment: To add more information use a comment to deliver your message
  • Star: You can star marked important polls 
  • Delete: If there is an error in your poll, you can delete it. 



  • End this poll: For polls that are already complete, you can end it before the set deadline. 


Once the poll is created, you cannot edit the poll. 
If you voted for the wrong answer, you can change your vote. 



1. Select the (+) icon next to the message box.
2. Select the poll icon and type in the poll title, answer choices, deadline, and Topic to create the poll. 



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