Team Domain is the web address of your JANDI Team on the internet.

  • Type in '[team domain].jandi.com' in your web browser to access your JANDI Team.

  • The team domain can include alphabets, numbers, and (-). The Team domain doesn’t have to match your Team name exactly, but selecting a similar domain will help you remember your team name and team domain.

<Where can I see my Team name and domain?>

1. On the web, look at your web browser’s address bar. You can also see the team domain on the top part of your PC JANDI app.

*On your mobile app, go to the [Org chart] tab on the bottom. Select the (i) / (...) icon and select [team] to view the Team name and domain.

<Changing the Team name or domain / Deleting the Team>

  1. On your PC or Web JANDI, click the [≡] icon on the upper right corner and select [Admin Menu] - [Manage Team].

  2. On the [Manage Team] tab, you can change the Team name and domain, or delete the team.

* On the mobile JANDI app, select the [More] tab on the bottom. [Admin Menu] - [Manage Team] to change the Team name and domain, or delete the Team.

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