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Inviting Members to a Topic Automatically
Inviting Members to a Topic Automatically
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*For Topics that you want all team members to join from the beginning automatically, please set ‘auto invite.’ The Auto invite feature is useful if you have a topic that needs to be checked for a smoother workflow.

<PC / Web>

1. On the Topic’s upper right corner, select the [···] icon and [Edit Info]. Remember, only the Topic Admin can edit the Topic Info.

2. Once the ‘Edit Topic Info’ window pops up, go to [More] and turn on [Auto Invite Members].

  • Suppose the Topic was not set to invite members automatically. In that case, only the Members that join the team after you have turned the feature on will be invited to the Topic automatically.

  • Auto Invite features are not available for private Topics.

  • Associates cannot be auto invited to Topics.


  • Select the [...] icon on the Topic’s upper right corner and turn on [Auto Invite Members].

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