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What is a Board View Topic?
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*The Board VIew Topic is a chatroom in the form of a bulletin board, where you can pin your posts at the top of the chatroom.

1. Select the [≡] icon on the upper right corner of your JANDI and click on the [Admin Menu].

2. Go to the [Add-on Settings] tab, and turn the [Board & Notification] settings on.

3. Creating a Board View Topic is the same as creating a regular Topic. Select the (+) icon located on top of your Topic list and click on [Create a new topic].

4. Select the view mode as [Board View] and choose the type of topic, which is either public or private.

  • The view mode and the type of the topic cannot be changed once you create the topic.

  • In the Board View Topic, the most recent post will be pinned on the top.

Select [More] for additional settings for your Topic.

  • You may create a new folder for your new Topic, or select an existing folder.

  • Once you turn the [Auto Invite Members] setting on, all new members will automatically join the Topic.

5. Once you have created the Board VIew Topic, select the [Create New Post] icon on the lower right corner of the screen.

  • For the Board View post, you must fill in the title and the post.

  • You may attach up to 4 files with your post.

  • On a Board View post, you can attach files on the comment section.

<Board View Topic Use Cases>

  • Use the Board View Topic for one-way communication purposes. (Example: Announcements, Expense Reports)

  • You can check your team members’ response through the number of likes of the post.

  • You can notify everyone in your team by using the @all feature on your post.

  • You can designate the post as a [To do].

  • You can always view the To-do list in the JANDI on your chat list.

<Notification Center>

  • Once your Team Admin has turned on the [Board & Notification] setting, you can receive updates regarding the board post and @mention notifications.

  • Select the [


    ] icon on the upper left corner of your notification center to choose to receive all board notifications or just the important ones.


  1. Select the (+) button on your JANDI app and select [Create new topic +].

  2. Once you have entered the [Create a new topic] page, select your topic view as [Board View]. Fill in the topic name and select the topic type and auto invitation setting. Tap on the [Add] button to create a new Board View Topic.


*Once your Team Admin has turned off the Board & Notifications feature, the existing Board View Topic will be switched to a read-only topic, and notification for the Board View Topic will be disabled.

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