Adding a star
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If you want to 'Star' an important message, file, comment, poll, topic, or member, use the button. You can go back to it anytime.

< PC / Web >

  • Message, file, comment, poll: Select the ⭐ icon on the right of the item you wish to star.

  • Topic, chat : Select the ⭐ icon located to the left of the topic or the member to star.

  • On the menu bar on the right side of your JANDI screen, select the ⭐ icon on the bottom to see all the items you have star marked.

< Mobile >

  • Message, comment: Touch and hold the message you wish to star and select [Star].

  • File, Poll: Go to the file details page and select the ⭐ icon located on the lower right corner of the file or poll.

  • Topic: Select the [☰] icon on the upper right corner of the Topic. On the Topic Info page, select the ⭐ icon.

  • Go to the [More] tab located on the bottom of the screen, and select [Stars] to see all the items you have star marked.

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