Creating a to-do list
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Feel free to create a to-do list or your Team’s to-do list to manage your collaboration.

When you first create a To-do, JANDI will automatically send you a private to-do in JANDI on your chat list. If you want to assign members or set the to-do as a specific project, choose the chat room you wish to share the to-do and assign a member for that to-do.

<Creating a Private To-do>

1. Select the [To-do] icon on the menu tab to open your tasks. Click [+ Create a Task].

2. Fill in the title, description, file, assignee, and task deadline and click [Save].

  • You can attach up to 30 files.

  • Select [Edit Assignees] to choose multiple members. Members can manage their individual tasks as well.

  • Choose the start and end date for the task.

  • If you change the To-Do Topic, JANDI will reset the uploaded attachments and assignee information. Please be careful.

  • You can also add a message as a to-do.

  • Select the [...] more icon of a message or comment to add the message as a task.

  • You can check existing tasks and finished tasks on the to-do list.

  • If you no longer want to see your finished tasks, select the [Exclude completed tasks] button.

<How to Edit a Task>

  • If you wish to edit the task title, description, assignee, file, date, and notification schedule, select the more [...] icon.

  • Select a task and click the more [...] icon to edit, delete, download, and save in the JANDI drive.

<How to Manage Task Progress>

  • You can mark your task as hold, ongoing, and done.

  • The ongoing tasks are divided into 25%, 50%, and 75%.

  • When you have completed the task, please set your task as 'done 100%.'

<Assigned Tasks>

  • When you create and assign another member to the task, go to [Transferred tasks] - [All members] to view all the assigned tasks.

<Star a Task>

  • If you need to follow up on a specific task, [Star] the task.

<To-do Calendar View>

  • Click the [Calendar] to view your tasks on the calendar.

  • Task information will appear according to topics when you click a date.


  • Your JANDI team can create up to 100 tasks in the Free plan.

  • Task management is also available in the mobile JANDI app.

  • Deleting tasks is only available in paid plans. You can create an unlimited number of tasks in paid plans.

<Ways to Use the To-do Feature>

You can manage projects using the task management feature.

1. Choose an assignment and create a task.

  • Example: Weekly meeting reports, translating tasks, data updates, managing software update versions, etc.

2. Assign a member for a task (project).

  • You can assign multiple assignees.

  • Assignees are limited to members that are participating in the topic.

3. View project progress as hold, ongoing, and done.

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