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Receiving desktop notifications on a web browser
Receiving desktop notifications on a web browser
Updated over a week ago

JANDI provides desktop notifications for faster and more efficient communication.

Unfortunately, if your web browser settings do not permit desktop notifications on the web, JANDI will not send desktop notifications.

So if you want to receive desktop notifications while using JANDI on the web, please change your browser settings.


  1. Go to the upper right corner of the Chrome browser and select the Options icon.

  2. Select [Settings]

  3. Search ‘Site Settings’ on the search bar

  4. Go under Permission and select Notification.

  5. Take a look at your blocked list and allow the JANDI team domain to receive notifications.

  6. After you change the settings, you can go back to your JANDI team and set your JANDI notification settings to receive desktop notifications.

<Firefox >

  1. Enter the JANDI team using the firefox browser.

  2. Check the JANDI URL and select the lock icon.

  3. Check your permission settings and change the blocked status to ‘Allow.’

⚠︎ Internet Explorer does not allow desktop notifications.

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