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PC Notification Troubles
Updated over a week ago

If you are not receiving any notification from your PC JANDI app, please refer to the following!

1 ) Check the Notification Setting

  1. Select the [=] at the top of your JANDI window - Select [Notifications].

  2. Make sure the [Desktop Notifications] setting is on.

  3. Click [Send me a test message].

  4. See if your desktop notification is working.

2 ) Reset App Data

*[Reset App Data] does not affect the data within the app.

  • Window : Select the ^ icon on your taskbar - right-click the JANDI icon - Select [Reset App Data] and restart the JANDI app.

  • Mac : Go to [Help] on the menu bar above - [Reset App Data] and restart the JANDI app.

3 ) Synchronize Clock

  • Window : Go to Start - Settings - [Time and Language] - [Synchronize Clock] - [Sync Now] - Restart your PC

  • Mac : [System Preference] - [Date and time] - Check [Set time zone automatically using current location] - Restart your Mac

Mac Notification Setting

  • [System Preference] > [Notifications & Focus] > Allow JANDI app notifications

If you continue to experience notification issues, please let us know through [Live Support].

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