If you want to upload your Google Drive or Dropbox files from a different account, you can change the linked account by referring to the following:

<Google Drive>

  1. Log in to the Google Drive account that is currently linked to your JANDI.

  2. Once you have logged into your Google Drive, select the Tools icon and click [Settings]. Then select [Manage Apps] and find JANDI on the list.

  3. Click ‘Option’ next to JANDI and select [Disconnect from Drive].

  4. Now your Google Drive account has been disconnected from JANDI. Go to JANDI and connect a different Google Drive account.


  1. Select the (+) icon next to the message box and click Dropbox.

  2. Once the Dropbox File Upload window pops up, select [Sign Out] located on the left.

  3. Connect a different Dropbox account in JANDI.

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