Integrating Google Calendar with JANDI
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With the Google Calendar app, you can start receiving reminders and updates for your calendar events directly in JANDI.

This integration will send reminders of scheduled events, notifications of any updates, and daily and weekly summary reports.

<Setting up the Google Calendar app>

<How to integrate Google Calendar>

  1. On the top right corner of the Topic, click [JANDI Connect] button that is shaped like a plug.

  2. Select [Google Calendar].

  3. Select ‘Authenticate your Google Calendar Account’ and log in with your Google Account.

  4. Select ‘Allow Permission’ in the authentication window.

  5. Select the Topic or JANDI on the Chat list to integrate and receive a notification.

  6. Select contents you would like to receive a notification.

  7. You can set up profiles and languages for JANDI Connect messages.

  8. Settings can be edited freely anytime.

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