Do you want to change the theme to your JANDI app?
There are two types: the white theme and dark theme.

Go to the menu [≡] icon located on the upper right corner of your JANDI screen. Select [User Setting] and you can choose your theme.

<Dark Theme Example>

<Mobile Version>

You can use JANDI in dark mode on mobile as well.

<Dark mode on Android JANDI>

You can use the [Dark Mode] on JANDI once you turn the dark mode feature on through your phone's quick access.

  • Android 10 and above: Turn on dark mode on quick access

  • Android 9 and under: Go to OS settings to turn on dark mode
    (In devices under the Android 9 version, you can turn on the dark mode by turning on the low power mode.)

    <iOS version dark mode>

  • JANDI dark mode is automatically activated when you turn on the dark mode on your device's quick access.

    How to use dark mode on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

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