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Mobile Notification Troubles
Mobile Notification Troubles
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💡 You will not receive mobile notifications while using JANDI on your PC.

If you do not receive any mobile notifications even after you shut down your PC, please follow the steps below to see if the problem is resolved !

1 ) Check JANDI App Push Notifications

  • Go to the more [...] tab - [Push Notification]

  • Android : [Push Notifications] - [All Chats / Chats with Notifications On]

  • iOS : Turn [Notifications] on.

2 ) Notifications Settings per Device

  • Android : Settings > Notifications > App Notifications > JANDI > Allow Notifications

    *You may not receive notifications if JANDI is in power saving mode due to battery optimization and vaccine apps. Go to [Settings] - [Power Saving Exclusions] - Add [JANDI]

  • iOS : Settings > JANDI > Notifications > Allow Notifications

3 ) What if I am still having trouble receiving notifications?

  1. Clear Cache

    Select [=] on the upper left - [Clear Cache] - Restart App

    ✔ Clearing the cache does not affect app data at all.

  2. Sign In Again

    Go to the more [...] tab on the lower right - [Settings] on the upper right - Sign Out - Sign in again

  3. Reinstall

    After deleting the app, go to the app store and install the latest version of JANDI.

    If you continue to have issues, please get in touch with us through [Live Support].

🔎Frequently Asked Questions

The following is the FAQ for the top three frequently asked questions regarding mobile notifications.

  • Can I stop notifications after work?

  • I want notifications from particular chats.

  • Can I customize the notification sound?

Q. Can I stop receiving notifications after work hours?

Set up a notification schedule so that you can only receive push notifications on selected days and times.

- How to : Go to the more [...] tab - [Push Notification] - [Notification time period setting]


* iOS users will receive push notifications during the set time only.

* Due to the nature of the Android OS, you will continue to receive push notifications through the [Android Status Bar] - [Notification Center] without sounds and vibrations.

(In Android, one push message = one badge, so the number of badges will show even when push messages are received outside of your notification schedule)

If you do not want any push messages outside of your notification schedule,

change your Push Notifications to 'Chats with Notifications On'

- How to: Go to the more [...] tab - [Push Notifications] - [Chats with Notifications On]

* Keep in mind that if you change the setting to [Chats with Notifications On] your notification badge count might be different from the actual notification count.

Q. I want notifications from particular chats.

Refer to the following to receive notifications from only particular JANDI topics.

Select [≡] on the upper right side of the topic - Topic Info - Turn notifications on/off.

If you have an Android device,

use the [Chats with Notifications On] setting.

How to set up detailed Push Notifications?

If you have an Android device,

go to [Setting] - [App Manager] - [JANDI] - [Notifications].

Q. Can I customize the notification sound?

You can use the Android notification sounds as JANDI notification sounds. [Notification] - [Notification Category] - [Notification Type] - [Sounds] - Select the sound

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