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[2024.05.31]Edit Message
[2024.05.31]Edit Message
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🗣️I wish there was a function to correct typos.

🗣️Can I edit a message instead of deleting it?

A message editing feature has been added based on users' VOC. 🎉

💡iOS will be updated in the future, and you can use improved features after the update.

✅Edit Message

Have you ever experienced a typo in a message or an incorrectly attached file you deleted and re-wrote because you couldn't correct it?

Now, you can edit messages to correct typos and delete files.

💡The team admin can restrict the message edit feature by changing the message edit time by going to the Menu [Ξ] icon > Admin Menu > Message Setting > Edit Message > ON

🛠️After :

Select the [...] icon next to the message and click [Edit].

💡 Sent and shared messages that have been edited will display [Edited]

📣 Minor Updates

1. Show mentions

🛠️Before :

🛠️After :

2. Upload files without the [Attached Files Number] display

🛠️Before :

🛠️After :

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